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We had a good place to work out

29 Kasım 2012
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“They had a lot of swagger about them, and they took a few cheap shots.”Blanked in the first half, with Hannon’s encouragement, they played Watterson even in the second half and “sort of grew up,” said Moone. “We realized there was some real talent on the team.”That somehow led to a first for the group: informal summer practices at Hallinean Field.”There were no visitors’ bleachers back then, and that whole side (of the field) was open and flat. We had a good place to work out.”And the work paid off.In the opening 46 6 thrashing of Shawnee High School, “we surprised everybody,” Moone said.

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The solution: Set aside half the building or so for condos and pre sell them before construction. That wasn’t an easy task either, however. Toronto at the turn of the millennium was still smarting from a speculative condo boom and bust in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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