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And one man boarded JetBlue Flight 387 from Fort Lauderdale to

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I don necessarily think you look at the finished stool and think it was a papercraft project, and that small element of surprise one of the not so obvious things you can do with paper is all kinds of satisfying, for me at least. Can find a full set of instructions over at Alice blog if you want to try making something similar yourself. The idea would work just as well applied to a simple block canvas (hello, cheap but awesome wall art!) if you don have a piece of furniture in need of a Marimekko makeover.

A Utah mother and daughter wanted to experience history. Another woman was headed on a quick vacation at a favorable fare. And one man boarded JetBlue Flight 387 from Fort Lauderdale to Santa Clara, Cuba, for an intensely personal reason: a reunion with children he had not seen for more than eight years.

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