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“”The way we sat them down and told them we weren’t going to be

24 Temmuz 2012
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Replica Celine Handbags Gemma and Harry were sitting on the floor in front of us, Anne and I on the sofa, and both of them were crying.”Generally, you wouldn’t see him cry as much as maybe some kids do he wasn’t emotional or a cry baby but he cried then.””The way we sat them down and told them we weren’t going to be together any more, it was probably the worst day of my life.”Des says he and Anne tried to reassure their distraught son by telling him he wouldn’t be leaving The family struggled on for another two years before Des eventually walked out.He said: “I didn’t just leave, it was a decision we should split. Things weren’t good for a while and it was the best way forward.”At the time, everybody was in tears but children are very resilient.”When he finally walked out for good, he said it was heartbreaking,”Of course, I missed him and Gemma, as you would unless you were some sort of monster,” he said.”It was tough. I used to feed him every night at half 10, change his nappy, put him to bed when he was a baby and then I was no longer living with them.”Sales and marketing director Des confessed he’s never spoken to Harry about how the break up affected him.”I’ve always tried to approach it from the other way, to say, ‘Is everything all right Harry, is your mum all right, are you ok?'”I used to see Harry and his sister Gemma every couple of weeks, I’ve always supported them financially and when I can emotionally Replica Celine Handbags.



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