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, the state Department of Transportation and the Sabres

24 Ocak 2013
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She was born March 6, 1953 to the late Elmo Toby Parker and Janie Blanche Kennedy Parker. Gloria was a member of Wade Baptist Church. She retired with the East Central School District after twenty six years as a substitute teacher. Santiago said that when he went to visit his brother in Alaska last August, he said Santiago told him he was hearing voices and felt he was being chased. FBI Special Agent in Charge Marlin Ritzman told a news conference that Santiago broke no laws when he walked into the Anchorage FBI office disjointed comments about mind control. He characterized Santiago as a complaint, which he said offices around the country receive daily.Anchorage police were called to the office by the agency, told Santiago he was having thoughts and believed he was being influenced by the so called Islamic State group and was taken to a mental health facility, city Police Chief Chris Tolley said.

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