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The packed room falls silent as Picasso instructs Aragon to

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Oberth burns are your friend with it, too. 4 5minute burns each getting you around 200m/s so about 5 of those in LKO before your final escape/Trans Duna Injection burn. Burning for any longer wouldn be as efficient and even with the RTG array and stack of batteries you out of power shortly after that anyway..

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Clueless praise of the mediocre (the Alamo Grill! It’s like looking at junior prom pictures I’m just mortified). And the one story that ranks as the single worst idea in my whole food writing career: a roundup of gyros. Yeah. Analysis of groundbased video of the event established the first detectable signs at GMT 14:00:53 (EI+1004). Based on engineering analysis, CMCE is thought to have started with the failure of the forward fuselage. Once the forward fuselage began to break away, the exposed crew module rapidly failed due to the combined effects of the high G loads, aerodynamic forces, and thermal loads.

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