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Such questions have arisen with a new urgency since the

27 Haziran 2012
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A grand jury declined to indict the accused police officer but Orta was arrested shortly after the incident on a weapons charge and later on a drug charge. Orta accused the police of arresting him as payback for the Garner video. Too bad for him that he doesn’t have video to back that charge up.Yet his case and Santana’s illustrate an important truth about today’s cellphone video age: The right to record the cops is less clear than many people think it is.So, for that matter, are some other important questions, such as the right to keep your video after you shoot it or the right of us, the public, to have access to video, whether it is shot by civilians or a police body camera.Such questions have arisen with a new urgency since the racially fueled crisis in Ferguson, Mo., last year after Michael Brown was fatally shot by police officer Darren Wilson.

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