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Jim Williams wants you to mail old videotapes and CDs to him

14 Temmuz 2012
Jim Williams wants you to mail old videotapes and CDs to him için yorumlar kapalı
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Don’t throw away those exercise videos and ubiquitous AOL CDs. Jim Williams wants you to mail old videotapes and CDs to him, so that more than 40 disabled staffers at his ACT Recycling in Columbia Chloe Replica, Mo., can recycle them. And Chloe Bags Replica, oh, don’t toss out those used Fed Ex envelopes or broken smoke detectors; their manufacturers take them back for recycling..

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Bags Chloe Replica Could we bring the outside inside or vice versa? Reverse the unexpected. This image was taken during a Practitioners class when studying Edward Gordon Craig. He focussed on the architecture of theatrical sets and the symbolism of simple gestures to produce Kinetic Theatre; a combination of architecture and dance, concentrating on the ‘actors movement and body in space’2 that would create the intended image, whatever that may be, without emotion but with physical intensity. Bags Chloe Replica

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